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Do you watch MythBusters?

by Vee (follow)
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Adam and Jamie love working with duct tape. Image sourced from http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/mythbusters/photos/duct-tape-canyon.htm

MythBusters is an entertaining science television program that sets out to ‘confirm’ or ‘bust’ popular myths and beliefs such as those concerning the authenticity of the Apollo moon landing photos. The Myth Busters must design and conduct experiments in order to verify these myths. As part of this process, they must employ existing technology or use their resourcefulness to create their own technological contraptions.

Do you enjoy watching MythBusters? If so, what do you think is the most impressive thingamajig they've used or created?

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Top Answers
Mythbusters was good for only two seasons before it ran out of worthwhile myths to investigate. Now it is well past its use-by date. For some time its greatest asset has been Adam Savage but even he can no longer overcome the ho-hum of all the bang-bangs and crashes.
I've never watched it.
Do they air it over in the UK?
by Vee
Yes, they do. I've seen it on TV listings, but I have just never bothered to tune in.
Fair enough.
by Vee
I seriously love this show! Mythbusters could be renamed "Teach Idiots Science!" and the name would fit perfectly. Don't get wrong, I'm not saying the show is stupid, but it's a great way to teach the basics of science in a wonderful and playful way. The lessons stick with you, and the stunts they do are ridiculous.
Totally agreed. Do you know if the presenters are actual scientists though? I skimmed their bios, and nothing semmed to point to it.
by Vee
According to Wikiperdia, the answer is no. Both presenters are special effects experts, neither have any education in a scientific field. Admittedly, that doesn't mean they don't know their stuff, but it is a little disappointing.
by Vee
yes, but a bit tired of reruns. Wish they would start filming again
by Gia
A new season just just started, LOL - Monday nights at 7:30 on SBS, as far as I know.
by Vee
Thanks will check it out
by Gia
I used to watch it when it was first on, but I no longer watch it as I find it boring...
by Finy
My husband loves it. I'm a fan too, but it really grates my nerves when the dialogue sounds scripted. Ugh!
by Vee
My son likes it.

I don't, because I feel it could be way off in their 'findings'.
Agreed. Their findings, I think, are certainly debateable sometimes.
by Vee
Your telling me!
It matters not if you 'try' to duplicate an exercise, you still need a lot more important components to make it even slightly the same.
Weather, conditions, even materials used.
No two are the same.
For me...it's bad science big time!
by jonaja
I think they generally get the gist, but I think the presenters need to state that there are variables outside of their control that could impact the results of experiments. Also, like anybody who has done a science course, they should say that results could be made more valid and/or reliable if the experiment was repeated. But then again, it isn't a serious, hard-core science show.
by Vee
oooh! LOL not sure they would like to hear it said it's not hard core!
Your quite right in what you say.
by jonaja
No I don't watch this show.
I use to but not as much nowdays
Only saw one episode. Bullet going through watermelon. Found it interesting as was a Weapons Trainer in Army Reserve.
We used to watch it when it first came out, then we started to find it boring, or other channels had shows we wanted to watch at the same time, so we haven’t seen it for ages & ages now.
by Miro
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