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Do you watch much sport on TV?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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One of the great things about television, is you can follow a lot of sports from around the globe live. The downside is that it is time consuming, so often very tricky to actually do.

Do you watch much sport on tv?

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Top Answers
Ifindwatching sport pretty boring, so I won't choose to watch it. My mum likes tennis and rugby, and my dad likes Formula 1, so if either of them are watching that, I might end up seeing some of that.
I would watch all the F1 and AFL I could, but the problem is time. Realistically, other than finals I watch about 1 AFl game on tv (I do go to the ground tho). F1 I used to tape but never watch, so now I don't bother - I try to watch the start from time to time but that's about it.
Come Winter Olympics tho, the tv will be on all day in the background...
No, none at all.
Some sports are ideal for television, such as the rugby codes and cricket, while others are far better watched live, such as AFL and basketball. But if you are a sport lover like myself, it can be expensive going to every event. That's where TV fills the gap. I'm sure the people who say they don't watch sport on TV don't like sport at all - no problems there - each to his/her own.
I just LOVE Tour de France..I’ll stay up, somehow, & watch that until the end, at 1.30am! I write the date into next years diary, so I don’t organise our holidays while that’s on. I like to look at the tennis stars outfits, F1, bits of the Olympics. If my husband is watching some sport when I walk into the room, I’ll sit & watch it for 15 mins, then I go & do something else. I don’t mind watching a tiny bit of Sydney football either.
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