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Do you watch Man vs Food?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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I was stunned when I first watched this show. The quantity of food consumed in the challenges is horrifying, yet the show is slightly hypnotic. I kept watching it. Over the holidays I found I kept ordering things that had been in the show, they I normally don't order (like Brisket!).

So clearly there was some subliminal effect.
Have you seen it? What do you make of it?

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Top Answers
I usually love cooking shows, but I absolutely can't stand these American fast food programs. I find the presenters so loud, arrogant, and annoying. What is so smart about stuffing yourself full of fatty food that is going to give you health problems. I think it sends a very bad and message that some people might be tempted to emulate their stupidity.
It's scary the amount of food - and then three different types of meat! Like one isn't enough??!!
I have a real hard time with Man VS Food. I've never seen the show, but I've been plagued by the commercials. Just watching the commercials makes me feel ill. I could never do what the host does, no way - no how.
I used to love watching Man vs Food. I think I've seen every episode.
It's weirdly addictive. I was kind of horrified, but kept watching it. And then the next day would order food I never order (but had been on the show) It was weird....I ate so much meat that holiday - pork in particular...
I do like this show, must be because I am a Foodie. I saw a picture of him recently, he has lost a lot of weight.
I would not even consider having that much food.
by Gia
I cannot stand this program. I find the amount of food, and the quality of the food, astounding. Why do you need so much of everything. 1kg of cheese etc. The health issues associated with these meals are boundless. Some of the interviewees state they eat in these establishments 1 or 2 times per week. Really! a having said that my husband watches.
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