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Do you watch Luther?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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We were recommended Luther, so I got the box set. We watched the first 5 episodes but my partner deemed it 'too creepy and sick'. I will continue to watch it by myself, but more because I always have to get to the end of something, rather than because I'm loving it.

Do you watch it? Do you like it?


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Top Answers
It was a great show, as are ALL the dramsís from the U.K.
by Miro
Never heard of it. What is it about?
He's a cop but it's quite gruesome with a lot of serial killers...
Is Luther a 'dark' cop?
I haven't heard of this either, but I am definitely intrigued. I'm going to have to check it out
The show is very dark - he's troubled (the cop) and got anger management issues and there are lots of violent crimes. He is played by Idris Elba. I watched another episode last night and I have to say it really got me in - it's improved a lot (I think episode 5)
Bryony.....Yes, he's an Afro-Caribbean actor!
But his character is 'troubled', if that's what you're asking!
Have you not watched much tv in the last 'few decades'?
You seem to miss many, many shows!

by donjo
I very rarely watch new shows, but stick to my old favourites. In many cases I would have heard of them even if I don't watch them, but I've never even seen Luther listed on the T V schedule.
No I have never seen it.

If it is quite dark.....I will give it a Big miss.
I need more up beat stuff now.Even the name of it, gives me the total creeps.!

I'll pass.

Oh! Jonah, 'Tis a shame!
You're missing out on one of THE best UK cop drama's.
Idris Elba is superb as Luther.
by donjo
jonaj, bee autocorrect snuck in.......sorry!
by donjo
jonaj, bee autocorrect snuck in.......sorry!
by donjo
Absolutely love it! The qualities' of ALL about it are excellent!
Idris Elba's first tv series was 'Ultraviolet' which starred 'our' Phillip Quast & the late Corin Redgrave.

Another good show was 'Bad Cop' with actor Warren Brown, who was 'shot' in 'Luther's Series 1. He was also in another cop show, its' name escapes me, but premise was group of undercover cops 'take out' baddie BEFORE he commits the crime! His boss was beautiful actress, Gina McKee, who was in 'Forsyte Saga' remake with Damian Lewis.

Can't beat the Brits for good, 'dark' drama. Although the Scandinavians' can come up with some good 'plots'!
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