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Do you watch Daytime Soaps?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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I don't watch any soaps, and can't even bear the ads for Offspring (which is clearly a popular show, so it's a reflection on my tastes more than anything). So I wondered if people still watched those daytime soaps, that have been running for thirty odd years.

Do you, or do you know someone that does?

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Top Answers
Clearly people are still watching them, so there is a place for them and they may be a harmful form of escapism for some. But no, I don't watch them - there are far more interesting and constructive things to do with that time.
Yes!! Harmless...oops
When I was a child, my grandmother would watch her daily soap operas religiously. I thought it was amusing that years later when I would stay home from school, the same shows with the same characters and same storylines were still playing out. As an adult I don't watch soap operas, but just like a bit of junk food I will may watch 15-20 minutes of Bold and the Beautiful once or twice a year for some brain candy.
No, I can't stands soaps either. They're so miserable, and I'm not interested in watching characters live out their daily lives like in real life. TV is to escape from real life, not to see as more depressing version of it.
Still like to tune into the Bold and beautiful now and then. Gotta know who Brooke is married to now. Lol
40 minutes a day is ok, and it's not a complete waste of time. Yes, I am sick to death of hearing the same characters having the same conversations day-in and day-out. But occasionally something scandalous happens and it's exciting. Watching Soaps gives me the opportunity to have a bitch. My husband and I talk about the characters as if they are real people. If anyone overheard us they would think we were terrible people. Rubbish television can be a lot of fun.
by Vee
When I was at Uni I did a subject on TV, so I watched some soaps. I realised that they are as stupid as most people say they are.
I used to watch Days of Our Lives when our girls had their afternoon sleep. That was about 35 years ago! My mother-in-law watches the Bold and the Beautiful EVERY afternoon!
by Miro
Nope. Don't watch. Not interested.
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