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Do you watch cartoons, now that you are an adult?

by DamienR (follow)
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I was just uploading the trailer for Star Wars Rebels, a new animated Star Wars series and I was thinking about how I can’t wait to watch it. Then I felt almost…I guess guilty is best way to describe it, because I’m looking forward to watching a kids show. A cartoon. I didn’t like the feeling at all.

So my question is, do you enjoy watching cartoons, even though you are no longer a kid? If so, which ones? Would you tell you friends you love it? Do you ever watch cartoons without the company of your children?

Animated Horse

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Top Answers
Most definitely. Cartoons are my favourite kind of show. A lot of cartoons were intended for an adult audience to begin with. These include The Looney Tunes, The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, loads of Anime series such as Dragon Ball Z, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Wallace & Gromit, and the list goes on.
I sometimes watch cartoons now however not very often -I find there is usually something I would rather watch on TV however still love Tom & Jerry, the Flintstones
by Finy
Yes but mostly in the film form with my kids....I think cartoons have no age restrictions and I love it as an easy form of entertainment.
I quite enjoy watching cartoons and am not afraid to admit it! My favourites are Scooby Doo, Arthur, Star Wars-The Clone Wars and various Animes. I have no qualms about watching them with or without my children!
Absolutley unashamedly YES cat dog, angry beavers, daria & the wild thornberries are my top 4, followed by just about everything on abc1 &abc2 and I am not ashsmed or even the tiniest bit embarrassed so there nya nya nya

I really love the Flintstones, and it always gives me a smile back to my childhood.
So yes....
Nope, but love the horse!
Oh yes, absolutely. LOVE Looney Tunes - though only the original ones, not the 'modern' movie take on them i.e. Space Jam or Back in Action. To me that is sacrilege! I actually also collect the animation cels of the old cartoons. It's amazing how just one image can make you re-live the whole cartoon. Cartoons these days have nothing on the old ones. And knowing that it was done picture by picture, no computers to help, makes it even more awesome. And when I watch them now I realise that a lot of the jokes are aimed more at adults than children. You don't realise it as a child, they just go over your head. To be fair to the current ones I must admit that I do really enjoy Shaun the Sheep and the Minuscule series is hilarious, a great combination of 'real' footage with animation over the top. But Daffy will always be my favourite... Consequences Schmonsequences, so long as I'm rich!
It is a running joke in our family that if the cartoons are on you can't have a conversation with me.
No, I find them annoying, now I’m in my late 60’s.
by Miro
NO! Well only a couple of the ABC channel 2 shows, if we have our little grand-daughters with us, because they don't have tv at their house. So we take them to their aunties house, about 4 times a year, where we stay for a week, but only have the girls for a week-end at a time.
by Miro
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