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Do you watch any British TV?

by kit.m (follow)
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Are you fan of British television shows, or are you swayed more towards American cable television?

Many people tend to be swayed (at least in my opinion) more towards American TV for its cinematic feeling, larger budgets and larger episodes per series.

British shows can in contrast have around six episode a series. Famously shows such as Fawlty Towers, The Young Ones and The Office only ran for two series apiece, with the current, and immensely popular incarnation of Sherlock only featuring three episodes per series.

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Top Answers
I would be difficult not to for me. I prefer British TV nowadays, but when I first started watching shows, most were American - Star Trek, Stargate, The X-Files.
I don't watch any American programmes and neither do my wife and son. As other people have said, their characters are like cardboard cut outs and they are always over dressed and made up. They haven't written any original plots in the last 40 years. American comedies are struggling to raise a smile from me and their drama programmes portray an idealised America that doesn't exist in reality. We watch British and Australian programmes on the ABC. Everything about British programmes is the polar opposite of American ones. They have real characters, original and finely crafted plots and exceptional attention to detail. Whether it be drama, comedy or documentary, British television leaves American television in the shade.
Broadchurch and a new series named Fortitude start tonight on ABC. Hope I'm not disappointed.
American Tv. not for me, and I become fed up when I read that Oz. shows such as Rake, The Slap, which we just so good, are flops when the americans do a cover of them.(and english shows, the Office being a perfect example) Apparently they cant stand subtitles, the characters are bland, and they 'dont get' oz/english. irony or humour to start with.
And, they like everything to be wrapped up with a happy ending in 3/4 hour.
And yet, they have sold us their 'culture' for generations, we have accepted it, little wonder we dont seem to have an identity of our own... As you can tell apart from some incredibly good american shows, the rest is very ordinary, like another comment, I like to think when i'm watching.
Some of the best series imo, have come out of denmark in the last season or 2.
by sandw
No, I tend to stick with American and Australian television shows. However, I do enjoy Mr Bean and Mind Your Language.
by Vee
I watch many British tv programmes. Happy Valley, which has just ended - how brilliant!!!... Prime Suspect, with Helen Mirren, watch the repeats of repeats,
again brilliant. Loved New Tricks, and most period dramas.
And then.....Ad Fab., etc. etc.
Only American Tv that I've watched re runs of re runs of Sienfield,brilliant,
The Wire,and Deadwood.
Find most American Tv cardboard cutoats, and I think Americans really understad wit or irony, which I love.... Problems? answer it with a gun... not for me.

I think the British have produced some of the best comedies over the years. Growing up in NZ, we used to get a lot more British TV than American which is maybe why I liked so many of their comedies back then. I love watching the Graham Norton Show (he's hilarious) & I also like some of their quirky little series like Doc Martin.
Oh yes, I quite like Graham Norton too.
by Vee
I will watch British shows over US shows any day. US comedies are contrived, overacted and weakly scripted. US dramas are propaganda, overly violent and have plots written for simpletons. And as for US reality shows..........don't get me started.

Just because I am watching TV does not mean that I have turned my brain off.
I feel British is done far better, and they make it more believable.
Shows like ''Downton Abbey'', is perfect example.
It will not get much better than that, with casting-Sets-Costume-and acting! bravo.
Attention to all the details...having watched a great deal of English show's I
am a huge fan.
I was born there, so for me it is second nature, you never seem to loose interest.
I love British shows especially the comedies. Keeping Up Appearances, Top Gear, One Foot in the Grave, Kitchen Nightmares are a few of the shows I like. I even prefer to watch BBC news over CNN.
by Gia
yes I mostly watch the ABC and SBS shows such as Scot and Bailey are my favorite as well as reality shows featuring the military or police sevices are my favorite
Love murder mysteries, dramas and comedies. Would prefer to watch the same channel all the time as the majority of the shows are on the one channel
I watch many British programs mainly drama or comedy.
My wife and I love watching John Nettles in Midsomer Murders, also Inspector Frost, Lewis etc.It is also nice to watch old comedy series brought back on TV.
Sadly recent British humour has lost some of it's impact, but it is head and shoulders above American comedy and Australian also try to mimic some of the British success stories.
I am fed up with Cooking soap operas and the same with building or renovation programs.
It would be nice to see something more realistic Similar to Heston's cooking program.
Bring back more old programs, like Sherlock Holmes, and perhaps some real Pantomime shows for Christmas.
I would like to know who continually cancels shows or repeats the repeats of programs.
Plus let's see more unusual sports as I get sick of Football,Football soccer and Aussie rules.


I just love ALL the British TV drams, but somehow managed to miss, Downton Abbey. Perhaps it was not shown on the ABC, And The Bill! I just loved that show! Iíve seen 104 episodes of Midsomer Murders, plus about 10 other episodes I watched by mistake, when I thought I hadnít seen it, when I actually had. I donít have time to mention all the other ABC & BBC shows Iíve loved watching!
by Miro
I don't think you can't go past British tv, particularly for drama. They excel over other countries in presentation and storylines. I do occasionally watch an American show - Justified, Deadwood - generally speaking however the American shows are a bit plastic and unrealistic. Australian tv drama has started to improve somewhat if still a bit ocker for overseas viewers, and if only they would stop showing Sydney Harbour Bridge on every show! We all know it's in Australia for goodness sake. The Scandinavian countries also do very good dark drama.
Thoroughly enjoy all the UK crime drama's, with, IMHO, 'Inspector Morse', being the best.

Love 'DCI Banks', although not a fan before of Stephen Tomkinson, but now I am!

Am just catching up with 'Vera', which I hadn't seen before, & really enjoying it!

'Endeavour' fills in the backstory of 'Morse' very nicely, & 'Lewis' is a good follow on. Do enjoy episodes where Laurence Fox is acting with his real-life father, James Fox, or uncle, Edward Fox. It must be a hoot for them to have to do that! Don't think his cousin, Emilia, has acted in an episode yet. Probably too busy on 'Silent Witness' series!

I can watch them all on multiple repeats, & never tire of them! Many I have on DVD, as I just find the consummate acting by all, so relaxing!

P.S. Did a 'Morse' tour when last in Oxford, & there was a 'Morse' exhibition on at St Aldgate's Museum at the same time, so I got a double-dose! Yay!

I far prefer British comedy and drama. Can't beat British drama like Foyle's War, Midsummer Murders etc. Happily watch repeats of repeats.I have many dvd's and a TBox so can record episodes. I don't need to bother with trashy TV, especially this time of the year. I love 7two- please don't let that go the way of TVS. Loathe mind numbing, over scripted, one liner American comedy. Love Aussie drama like Dr Blake Mysteries, Place to Call Home and Miss Fisher etc. Hope funding cuts don't destroy such quality shows. Lynnerica

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