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Do you think these Underbelly shows have had their day?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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Underbelly took the ratings by storm, and there have been about four series since, with different degrees of success.
I noticed there was a 'Fat Tony' show on, which I can only assume is of the Underbelly franchise, though perhaps a little disguised as something else for ratings appeal.

Do you still watch the Underbelly series?

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Top Answers
I kind of rolled my eyes when I saw the new one on TV the other night. I watched a few minutes of it and yes, it did feel like an Underbelly show. I'm not that interested in another one, but I did get into the earlier ones (especially the one set in the 20s) so I could be swayed.
Over it. Over it. Over it.
by Vee
The first was available on the black market before it even aired, How ironic.
It had me gripped, because it was based on the real deal.

The actors did a very good job, and because I deal with criminals a fair bit.....it's interesting....say the least.
P.S.......No I don't think it really has had it's day.Not yet.
by jonaja
We watched the first 2 but that was it - not really interested, but they've started doing them in the US and UK too, apparently (the Underbelly guys). I think there's something about the Fat Tony funding that means it can't be branded as Underbelly, but it is the same guys...(something like that)
I have watched the Underbelly Series since day one and still think the first was the best by far. The others are OK in their own right but Fat Tony to me is equally second as far as watchability goes. The only other Aussie true crime series like Underbelly has been the Crime Investigation series but the only problem I can see is that it promotes glory to those who perpetrate the crimes.
These series just promotes more of the same and copy cat behavior. Have you noticed the increase in gang activity since all the series began to air. Hmmm just
irresponsible TV really.
by kik1
Absolutely it had its day after the second one - in fact its the only one I watched. Can't believe they are still pursuing these!!! Two words - Kill them!
Yes, Im done! I havent even bothered with the last couple.
I only ever watched Razor and loved it, but I enjoy the history of the time period, the rest of the series doesn't interest me at all.
by Gwen
Should have ended years ago. I think I only watched the second series (and not even all of it). It's obvious that channel 9 is just milking it as much as possible, for all it can get.
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