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Do you think the scenarios on Reality TV are staged?

by Carolyn Hopping (follow)
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Reality television shows often come up with some humorous interactions and spats that appear to occur naturally, in the course of the show. Some examples are romances on Beauty and the Geek, cat fights on Australia's Next Top Model and heartbroken contestants leaving the show on The Farmer Wants a Wife.

However, sometimes viewers can wonder if these situations have really arisen naturally or whether they've been staged by the producers, in an attempt to create more interest for viewers? What is your opinion?

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Top Answers
Some are certainly staged, like Storage Wars, while others I believe just choose participants who are likely to act-up, making ridiculous scenes more likely.
I once got as far as downloading the application for for The Great British Bake Off, and kept it on my desktop for about a week before putting it in the recycling bin. I would never consider going on any other show though.
Oops, sorry, this was meant for a different question! I had them up at the same time.

A lot of them are definitely staged; I'd say these are most likely on talent shows. When it comes to Big Brother and I'm a celebrity, I imagine it is a mix between the two.

I think there are a lot of events that happen naturally, but might then have to be reshot/recreated because the camera didn't capture it in the right way.

No I dont think they are actually staged however they pick and edit and it is probably therefore not a 100% true REALITY show as this has to be done to "sell tickets" so to speak.
by Finy
They are absolutely staged!
Staged, manipulated, edited.......little reality remains. There was one show (name withheld) that, when things were getting dull, would inject alcohol to liven the participants up. How very, very crass. But the record for non-reality reality show survival is WWE. I still find people who believe it implicitly. I wonder if they would like to buy a bridge?
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