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Do you think that violent imagery breeds violence?

by Vee (follow)

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It's a topic that is hotly debated. Does violence on television contribute to violence in society at large?

I wonder what sort of implications a definite answer to this question would have on violent pornography and classification ratings in general.
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Top Answers
I think it depends on how much violence you see on screen as to how much it affects you. If you only watch violent programmes every now and then, then you will still be shocked by what you see, but if you get exposed to it frequently, then you get desensitised. If you are desensitised to violence, then you are more likely to commit violent acts because you have lost some of your ability to empathise towards the people suffering.
I have to agree with you. I think something similar can be said about video games.
by Vee
I think it works the other way - people who have violent tendencies enjoy watching violent things.
I think there is truth in both your views. It would be difficult to refute that peoplewith violent tendencies watch violent things.
by Vee
I've seen this argument many times, both in regards to violence on tv and violence in video games. I really think it comes down to the type of person. I am a very non-violent person, yet I grew up on super-violent 1980s and 90 action movies. I still empathize with people in pain or who are suffering and I still have a very firm perspective on what is right and wrong. I believe that as long as kids are properly taught about right and wrong and why they should be a good person, then what they watch or play in video games won't matter because they understand right from wrong. A firm understand of good and bad will translate into their adult life.
I agree with you to an extent. I think it's both a bit of 'nature' and a bit of 'nurture'.
by Vee
I've always believed that if a child has a more violent nature, then it is up to the parent to provide additional nurturing. Violence will always be in our media, even if only in adult or restricted movies. Just because a child has a certain nature doesn't mean they can't be provided with a strong moral compass. I believe that a strong moral compass will render outside media moot.
People were kinder and had good moral fibers in the past. I believe it was because television and movies had story lines that teaches good moral lessons. Nowadays, television glamorizes criminal acts and ugliness in all form. No wonder our young people have become so callous :(
Before and after snapshots of countries as they introduce television shows the same increase in the frequency and severity of violence after only one generation of TV viewing. However, it is not TV in general which is the cause but shows which emenate from or follow the lead of the USA. We need to turn our backs on the sickness which is the USA and look more to the decent and ethical societies of the planet for our TV viewing before, they too, are lost forever in a mire of bang-bangs, kick their heads in and running away is the best thing you can do.
It is well known that young men who watch violence on t.v.
can and do
'act it out ' in real life.It's not a lot but the problem is there.

T.V. is a huge teacher, and it comes into lives of young children, who are often not supervised well.

Some are also taught from watching in family, and the
two are a lethal combination over years of growing up.

It is quite complex, and really can not be addressed in this forum, fully.

Since the early 70's, study has been done to produce quite shocking results.
Long before video games as such.
Of course there are the people prone to being violent,so it's a no win.

I also think people are becoming more 'desensitized', that is a problem not about to go away any time soon.

What will it be like in the future?

Well it's not looking too positive, and when I ask men 'why' did they do it there is less empathy for the victim.

T.V. play's a big component...Cartoons are even violent, and are suppose to be funny, they still have an impact.

I have been in contact with one (adult now) who as a child (killed another child).After a lot of dealing with this person he is a perfect case of this very topic.

If we address ''violent porn'' that is a very different animal.!
A very dangerous one too may I say.
That is aimed at women in Brothels, and I also deal with women in that workforce.
It can end in death very quickly.

Something will and can ''trigger'' violent actions in not only Adults but also Children.
It seems to be a combination of things that happen to that person.

So a child that is in a violent home,not cared for, watching violent shows, maybe with a anger issue after some time of abuse.It is all of those factors & more.
The area of 'what is right & wrong' then become's totally compromised.

Children are a sponge.
It is that simple, so how much they watch, and how much is taken to heart.
As I said before too hard to really nut out in here.

The real answer is Yes.
Violent Imagery will have some effect on people....and can breed Violence.

Thanks for your carefully considered response, jonaj.
by Vee
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