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Do you still watch news on TV?

by Lindsay Law (follow)
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There are so many different ways to get news nowadays, but there are still devoted TV channels which roll 24/7 and seem to gather audiences. However, even they have had to create websites and apps to cater for the different ways people access information.

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BBC News - the original and the best?

Do you think the era of fixed news broadcasts at 6 and 10 are over, or do they still have a place in your viewing schedule?

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Top Answers
I still watch the BBC news on TV. I'll usually watch it at 10pm, but sometimes 6pm. If neither of them are convenient, then I'll watch the 24hr news channel. I rarely get the news from anywhere else.
Yes, I certainly still watch the new at 6 pm!

I am so used to it as I usually eat around then and like to eat in front of the TV.

Sometimes I don't watch the full news as it is too depressing, and I will change channels if there is too much dying, and misery, however I always start off watching the News of most days of the week.

I do not read new online unless there is a particular thing I want to look up and this is a rarity.
by Finy
I've never been a big news watcher, but the internet has certainly made me less likely to watch the news. News shows have their place, no doubt, and there is something to be said about being to watch your news instead of reading it online. There is a reason why almost every article comes with some sort of youtubed footage, seeing is believing after all.
I watch morning and evening news from two different sources. Newspapers are just too heart-wrenching for me.
I was thinking about this just an hour ago! I don't seek out the news and sometimes I turn the channel when it comes on, so I suppose my answer is no. If I'm in the car at 6pm, then I usually listen to the Channel 9 simulcast on Hope 103.2.
by Vee
Very, very rarely. I prefer to read newspapers online
Being a news junkie, i read online, usually just watch the weather these days on tv., they all seem to take their news from the same sources, tell the same stories. Always wondered why news readers get paid so many $.
I usually look at the headlines, and if the stories interest me, do a click. I read the Age, Los Angeles (not sure why, but I do) and a couple of Asian news sites, to see the stories (after all, our pollies tell us we are part of it now, but if we are, we are at the bottom of the clever class). Read BBC
once a week, and read the online Guardian movies/books.... (no wonder my house could do with some dusting)
Like to watch early news on Sunrise, SBS news in the afternoon because it is more world news and channel 7 news again in the evening
Of cause we do. Every night, about 3 times. the ABC is, I think, the best 1, because it doesn’t have ads, but having said that, we’re always watching something else at 7, so we never see the ABC 1.
by Miro
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