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Do you still use VHS tapes?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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VHS, video tapes

Does anyone still have any VHS tapes that they use to record programmes or that have a TV show on that you haven't bothered to buy on DVD?

How do you dispose of them? A lot of charity shops don't take videos now, and they can't go in recycling.

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Top Answers
I got rid of the very last of mine last year.Just put them into the rubbish bin.
I don't care if I now can not record, I need the extra time for other things.
DVD's are inexpensive, so I guess that's a bonus. :)
We've got tons of old VHS tapes that we never watch, but we don't want to get rid of them because it would mean sending them to the dump. Charity shops don't want them anymore, and nowhere takes them for recycling. Also with the switch over from analogue to digital, recording on them does not work anymore either. There is one video that I still watch, and that is 'Song of the South' because Disney won't release it on DVD,'
Hi Bryony...... I record still all the time on VHS tapes, even though Digital has come in. My electrician organised set-top box, VCR & TV to be compatible, so I could continue to use tapes, & I do.
I would watch only a couple of shows a week 'live' & that would be on ABC, no adverts.

Every other show, I 'time-shift' by recording, then watch at my leisure!

The great DIS-advantage of digital is you cannot record on one tv station & watch another, on the same machine. Could do so with Analog. Right PIA that is when there's a few good shows on at the one time.
by donjo
I don't have a VCR anymore, so that's a no for me.
I own only two VHS tapes, though I'm not sure what to do with them. I'm pretty sure you can record them onto DVD, but I'm not sure how or where, and I should find out too because the videos I have are home movies.
by Vee
Yes - the kids stuff. It was cheaper to buy a new VCR than all the wiggles & blues clues on DVD. But let me tell you, it was quite an effort finding a place that sold a VCR! I've also got "How's Killing the Great Chefs of Europe" off ebay on Video, as it hasn't been released on DVD...
A number of shops do VCR/DVD combis. That's what I've got.
They're really expensive here - they were about $800. I managed to finally track one down for about $150. Ironically I also got a dvd player that we didn't need at the time for $30. The DVD eventually broke so we are now using the spare one - so $30 well spent!
That is expensive. They're nothing like that price here. Sorry about that.
Aah, that would be 'WHO's Killing the Great Chefs' of Europe'! Very funny movie!
by donjo
I'd love to watch mine, but I can't at the moment because there is a tape stuck inside my player. I wouldn't trust it anymore if I did have it fixed. Are they still available for sale in Oz?
I do!
like a solemn pledge.. Yes I do still have a VCP and I still have some old (read as antique) VHS tapes.. I need to make the time to convert them to VCD/DVD at least if not to mp4 / avi / mkv.. Else the records of many years of family events might exist only in our memories..
I used to have a video and DVD combo machine also. However most of the videos when played were really poor quality. Once the machine broke, I tossed them all in the rubbish bin.
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