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Do you sit through T.V. ads?

by Vee (follow)
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Television advertising can be so tedious, so I tend to record the shows I’d like to watch and skip the ads. If this is not possible, I simply ‘space out’ for the duration of the ad break. I seem to have mastered this skill: I can see the images on the screen but absolutely nothing registers - at least not on a conscious level.

Do you sit through television ads or do you refuse to be bored by them?

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Top Answers
It's usual a good time for a bathroom break.
I still do. I watch most of my TV online so I rarely see ads anymore. When I do, it's almost like a novelty, so I watch them, albeit I do so like they are some foreign beast that has just tromped out of the wilderness. Seriously though, I find some ads funny, and since I don't see them every day, I'm not completely tired of them,
Addmittedly, some ads are hilarious!
by Vee
I also just vague out. Sometimes I'll do some sewing or reading during the ads.
Me too. Not sewing though, but reading or cleaning. "Call me when the show comes back on", I yell to my husband. Unfortunately, he rarely remembers. Haha!
by Vee
I either flick channels or leave the room.
I use the mute button a lot to shut off the sound during ad time. Sometimes I use the ad breaks to use the EPG to see what else is on or coming up. Most often I switch to an alternate program at each ad break. Most shows are so slow moving that it is easy to keep up with two shows at once. I like one of my simultaneous shows to be on the ABC because commercial channels try to synchronise their ad breaks to thwart channel-hoppers like myself but the ABC has no ads.
My husband hops between shows. It drives me crazy, but I can see why you do it.
by Vee
I do not generally sit through tv ads.
Sometimes I will mute the sound when they really annoy me but with 2 new tv's by the time I find the mute button in amongst the 50 others, the ads have finished.

Then I have to find it again when ads do finish and end up missing a bit of the show!!

I often get up and do things when the ads are on -e.g. take the dog for a walk, check my emails etc.
by Finy
LOL! Finy, why do you need so many television sets?
by Vee
I bought one big one a year ago for my computer, second lounge room (have perhaps watched it 10 times!!)
Then because I have not gone on holidays for more than 2 years now and because my amp connected to the TV was not working and I had to get up to change the volume, I decided to replace both the main TV and the bedroom one with you beaut Smart LARGE tv's!!
Perhaps also connectedc to my son dying -i dont care about money so much and get what I want now!
Anyway the TV's are fabulous though having problems with the Smart TV's!
by Finy
Fair enough. I couldn't be bothered getting up to change channel or volume. How annoying!
by Vee
No. That's what remotes are for.

I VHS tape ALL TV shows I want to watch, then just zapp the adverts.
Love it!
I usually rush of to the loo, or go & start the washing up, then go back to it in the next ad break. If we're eating dinner, I'll ask my husband to mute the ads. I can't stand them. They're something I won't miss when I leave this life!
by Miro
The only t.v. we have in our house is my son's.

So he normally will get something we can both watch now and then.I don't watch much t.v. at all...
He go's crazy with Add's, so they are really few and far between in our house.
He go's on other shows with no add's... :) wining!
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