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Do you prepare a special snack for watching TV?

by Gia (follow)
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Do you prepare a special snack to have while you are watching your favorite TV show?

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Top Answers
I tend to watch TV when I am having my lunch or dinner, so it isn't a snack, but an actual meal.
If we watch a movie I would normally make a cup of tea. If I feel snacky then popcorn...and recently trying to be ultra healthy by eating fruit. Normally tea works though! ;)
I'm a popcorn eater when it comes to TV snacks.
No, anything will do while watching TV! Am trying to cut down on sweet things at the moment, so eating more fruit while I watch TV.

At the moment TV is just so bad there is barely anything to watch each night.

I also eat my dinner in front of the TV
by Finy
When watching a movie is a family 'event', my fiancee's mother microwaves a bag of butter popcorn and then adds Maltesers to it.... sounds strange but actually very yummy!
It's called 'dinner' LOL. When I am alone for the night, I usually eat my dinner in front of the telly.
by Vee
I dont ususally like eating while watching TV but when I do I love to have some fresh fruit.
by Gia
Other from our dinner meal, No...we don't eat snaking & watching t.v.
We don't tend to snack on anything while watching a movie or TV in general BUT we will always have a glass or two of wine.
Nice one :)

by jonaja
No not at home ever.
That is something we don't do.

Only at the Movies, we enjoy it there, all part of the culture.
Can't go wrong with good, ole, trustworthy classic - popcorn!! That is one of the main reasons I will go to the cinema, it's also a way to easily persuade me to see a film I don't have much interest in!
No, we just eat our dinner, at the dinning table, watching the TV. We donít eat anything after dinner, except a square of dark chocolate.
by Miro
I just have Salt Popcorn, Sea Salt Cashews, & Pork Kracklings (their spelling, not mine!) on hand to munch. A large bottle of really cold water, too.

I crave salt, as I sweat like a horse. My hair gets wringing wet, yuck, my face, too. Go through so many hankies' when out, even in air-con, wiping off the sweat.

So this is a good way to replace lost salts, as I don't have salt on my food.
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