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Do you prefer stand up comedy or sitcoms?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Do you prefer to watch stand up comedians or sitcoms?

dame edna, edna everage

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Top Answers
Sitcoms all the way. A lot of stand ups I don't actually find that funny, and I'd much rather have a story told than a joke.
Good question. I do think it depends on the comedian and the sitcom. There are some stand-up comics such as Carl Barron I would much prefer over some sitcoms such as The New Girl or Two and a half Men, but also some sitcoms I would prefer over some comics.
by Vee
That is a really difficult question!
I think I prefer mostly Sitcoms depending on what they are however there are many stand up comedians that I like e.g. your picture of Dame Edna.

I find stand up comedy can get a bit tiresome at times and generally do not watch the whole show therefore.
by Finy
I prefer stories ti stand-up, but I also love stand-up. I'm going to say sitcoms, but it's a close race in my view.
Both. Whatever's funny. Is harder if it is a live stand up show to take a chance if you dont know them or if they are funny, but always good to see whose out there.
Sitcoms for sure. Stand-up comedy can be obscene for my taste.
Depends on the comedian.
Sitcoms for sure. I dont get why stand-up comedians have to swear and insult others to make us laugh. It just seems like a lack of creativity.
by Gia
I like both
I prefer sitcoms for TV and stand up is best seen at a live venue
Can't stand either.

If sitcoms' were so good, why the 'canned' laughter? American 'humour' is deplorable, & plain downright stupid. Nothing funny going on there, ever.

Too many of the 'stand-up' ones' descend into smut, innuendo, & swear way too much, to the point they're not even funny. They're just cheap & common. And people PAY to see them! Pfffft!
I agree with you about stand up, but not about comedies. The laughter reel is actually often genuine laughter by a studio audience watching the show being filmed. I find the laughter reel makes sitcoms funnier (laughter is infectious), and when there is no laughter, a sitcom can sometimes feel stilted.
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