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Do you prefer Documentary narrators on or off screen?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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When watching a documentary, do you prefer the narrator to be off screen, or do you like to see them interacting with the environment?

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Top Answers
Good question. Hmm. I think I normally prefer them to be off screen, but I have a bit of a soft spot for David Attenborough. I like it when he gets on camera and talks about something, or pokes a stinging nettle to show you up close what happens when you do that.
I prefer a mix with the majority of the narrator off-screen. I like seeing the narrator at the opening and closing of the documentary, but only sparely, if at all, during the show.
I prefer the narrator to be off screen if it is a nature documentary because I want to see the animals behaving naturally in their environment. If it is a geography or history doc, however, it adds a bit of interest to see the person on screen as it is more kinetic, interactive, and you have something to focus on.
I really think this can be done well either way. If I'm watching a historical documentary, I guess I'd rather not see the narrator as it would probably be superfluous, but if the documentary is actually about a researcher interacting with a subject, then it makes sense to have him or her on screen. Likewise, if the narrator IS the subject of the documentary like on Survivorman it is necessary for him to interact with his environment.
Off-screen. I want to see the action, not the person telling me about the action.
I prefer them off screen.
I love David Attenborough, but I think it depends on the person. He (and his enthusiasm) adds to it, some people take away from it. Especially if they make it all about them, not the subject, and do lots of stupid 'noddies'.
Purely depends on the narrator for me.
On screen for Sir David Attenborough, Prof Brian Cox & Prof Neil Oliver.

The rest can go off screen, & won't be missed!
Richard Hammond is annoying, so too, Sir Tony Robinson. The latter never wears a hat/cap out in the open, & he's bald! Geesh!
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