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Do you like when your favourite television dramas incorporate current events into their episodes?

by Vee (follow)
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Chris Pappas
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Neighbours often explores current events in its episodes. The most recent example is Josh’s drunken behaviour, namely his unthinking king hit attack on Chris Pappas. I think it’s an interesting way the show engages the context in which it is written.

Do you like when your favourite TV dramas or soaps incorporate current events into their episodes or do you find it thwarts your suspension of belief?

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Top Answers
If it is set in our world, then I think it is a good idea; it makes it feel more real and tangible.
NO, I think it makes it more real by including current events, and is therefore a good thing.
by Finy
I do like it.
Gets people thinking.

The only one I HATE... and I mean this ,is when any show in America brings 911 into the story.
That is LOW as you can possibly go.
It can age the show terribly on retrospect. For example, some Family Guy episodes have lost their sting over the years because of topical stories that are no longer relevant.
Great point.
by Vee
No! Am fed-up to the nth degree with my fave shows having a middle-East/Afghanistan scenario!
It's comparable when there was always a 'russian' scenario!
Both were/are being done to death, excuse pun, & if I read in TV guide it's got the former in the 'plot' I won't watch it!
I agree with you on the 'terrorism' backdrop. All just a way to remind us of how fearful we should be.
by Vee
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