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Do you like Are You Being Served?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Are you being served is a 1970s British sitcom set in a department store. The staff work in the clothing department, and is full of light hearted innuendo.

are you being served

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Top Answers
I also love this show!
Still occasionally watch re-runs and find them funny.

You cannot beat the English humour shows and I wish they had more of them, or is it that we do not get them all in Australia?
by Finy
I don't know which ones you do and don't get.
I cant think of ANY we get at the moment! mainly drama
by Finy
Yes, I haven't watched it in a while, but loved it as a child!
I loved this show. My favourite characters were Mr Humphries and Mrs. Slocombe.
Absolutely loved it. Especially Mr Humphries and Mrs Slocum (wrong spelling !!!) British humour far better than the American comedies.

They're my two favourite characters too.
I agree that Are you being served is my fave British sitcom - I love Mrs Slocombe's pussy talk - however British better than American? Considering all British comedies like this are all childish innuendo humor, it is not better than the American sophisticated humour. That isn't to say that there aren't hundreds of crappy American sitcoms but the ones that hit the mark are really really great.
by lbowd
I loved this show as a kid, so funny
I've never watched it! My Mum didn't let us have a TV when we were kids - so I missed out on a whole load of repeat shows that I would otherwise have seen.
yes. My favorite character was Mrs Slocome
by Gia
I loved this show & sometimes watch reruns when they're on. It's an old fashioned type of humour that you don't see so much on current sitcoms. Each character had their part to play to make it a great comedy. Everyone knows who you're imitating when you say "I'm free" or when you're referring to Mrs Slocombe's pussy. A real classic show.
Absolutely love it. No characters about like them now.
They were WONDERFUL!!! So witty, such brilliant actors, such innuendo! I miss this classy humour. Bring it back to us, please.
Oh yes! I haven't watched it for years but used to enjoy it greatly when I was a child.
Yes…..like 30/40 years ago! I find it a bit dated now though!
by Miro
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