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Do you have pay tv or just free to air?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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We are the only people I know without pay tv. Yet when we stay somewhere that has it, there is nothing we want to watch, and the kids have Sponge Bob on an endless loop.

Do you have pay tv and how much do you watch it (over free to air)?

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Top Answers
I don't pay for TV and haven't in about 11 years. I either download or stream any show I want to watch. In fact, I don't even have a TV in my living room, just an iMac. Many networks allow you to stream shows directly of of their websites and there are lots of other sites where you can stream TV. I find this much more convenient as I can watch what I want and when I want to watch it. The only downside is that it is harder to find out what new shows are out there when you never see any ads for them.

Just free to air. There's tonnes on digital tv, more than I have time to watch anyway so I'm not paying extra.
We have both Free to Air and FOXTEL

We have cable on our living room tv and freeview on our other tvs. Despite all the extra channels there is rarely anything of worth to see. If it were up to me, I'd just stick with freeview, but my dad likes watching Sky and Discovery.
I love pay TV. I get it mainly for the sport, but it's good for news, docos, shows my kids watch and the old reliable shows like The Simpsons and Sienfeld. When you stay at hotels, you are probably only accessing a limited number of channels. Is it worth it? That depends on how often you watch it.
We have never had paid t.v.
Not something I really care about, I was told it is the same kind of shows, over and over and over again?

We don't have pay tv. My family watch via other ways. I read a lot, but watch some tv. Live in the city, but love Landline (and I think city kids could see that there is an oz. outside of the cities - and I like to know where my food comes from). 7mate had sienfield on 4 nights a week - one of the few american shows i have watched. Why do we here take our 'culture' from the USA. - especially the 'answer any problem with a gun' tv - watching the news, its caught on here as well. I watch some NITV - tonight Storm Boy, old but wonderful oz. film., and i find it a positive, innovative station by australians. Dont need pay tv. to watch great series like Happy Valley, Silk,
Time of our Lives.... P''raps I'm just outside the square.
by sandw
I only have free to air but I also have a hard drive for each of my two T.V.s. which means I can store my favourite shows, such as 48 Hours and Seinfeld, and watch them in the middle of the night. It saves heaps of time as I just fast forward through all the adverts and never have to watch one. The hard drive is the most wonderful invention - fabulous for insomniacs like me. Cheers, Lisette

There is nothing on pay TV worth spending my money on. I am not a sports nut, there are more than enough docks on free to air and American programmes don't interest me much these days. If I want recent movies I can rent them from iTunes and lots of other stuff is available on the net.
Free to Air. I like to record my favourite shows on Tbox, and then when I have time, I can watch my favourite recordings. It's almost like on demand TV.
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