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Do you find it frustrating that American TV shows air in Australia six months after their original release?

by DamienR (follow)
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There was a recent conversation on TVode regarding season 2 of Arrow. The second season of Arrow is airing right now in Australia but was wrapped up ages ago in North America. Meanwhile at the San Diego Comic-Con, the first trailer for Arrow season three has been revealed and it is chalked full of spoilers for those who have not watched all of season two.

Here is the trailer for Arrow season three but do not watch this unless you are okay with seeing a lot of spoilers for season two.

Does it bother you that these shows air so late in Aus or does it make no difference? Do you find other ways to watch a show, or do you wait until it airs locally?

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Top Answers
by Vee
This would drive me seriously bonkers! Particularly now that there is such a global community on the internet. There would be no way of stopping a show from being spoiled.
It is the same in the UK too, although Im not sure how long the exact delay is. It used to bother me when I was watching Stargate, Star Trek, and Charmed because I wanted to chat about the show, but would not be able to contribute on forums until much later down the line. I don't chat about shows online that much now, so it no longer bothers me.
Just a another thought to add; a number of British shows don't go to America until a while after they've been shown here, so it's not exactly unfair if you look at it in that perspective. However, I think the reason is all together different. With British shows, I think they wait to see how the ratings are, and if they think a US audience will like it too. In the US, the shows are likely going to be aired here whatever the ratings, so I don't get why there has to be a delay.
No it doesnt bother me at all as I wouldnt know the difference if I wasnt told.

It is what it is, and we get it eventually and being behind US in TV shows is not a problem and makes no difference to me.

I do not find alternative ways to watch these shows though I know a lot of the young people do, and are always "up to date" with what is happening.
by Finy
Because I never know when a show is released in the USA, I never know of any release difference. Only a few USA shows are worth watching anyway due to the high violence and propaganda content of most of the USA's offerings..
They can take as long as they like before showing USA shows because very few of them are worth watching no matter when they are shown.
It drives me mad as I hear spoilers for a lot of my favourite shows and often the Australian schedule messes around with episodes part way through the season. I've already seen the The Arrow season 3 trailer (my bad) and I wish we were up to speed with that. I've loved season 2 and don't want to wait another 6 months to catch up with the US. There are some shows where Australia is more than a season behind and so spoilers are everywhere for what is happening. It does get frustrating.
I'm also a very impatient person so likely this contributes too :-)
Ps: how awesome does Season 3 The Arrow look!!!?
In this day and age of global inter connectivity and illegal torrents I think it is insane for any production company to do anything other than simultaneous worldwide releases of shows. One of the very reasons people download illegally is to be up to date with shows so they don't cop spoilers from their overseas friends online. Affordable, timely releases of shows has been proven to reduce piracy, so why the heck are these numbskulls still staggering release dates around the globe? In Australia the ABC streamed Doctor Who episodes at the same time as they aired in the UK. I was waking up really early in the morning to watch because I'm a huge fan of the show. That, my friends, is a smart move on the part of the BBC and ABC. Happy fans and no spoilers.
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