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Do you agree to television interviews in the street?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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I am constantly asked to do vox pops when I go to the city or when the news wants to do something on teachers strikes (our school is near their studio). I always refuse. I'm amazed at how many people want to do them.

Do you get asked to do them, and would you agree if you were?

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Top Answers
I refuse because I get self conscious, but also because I don't trust them not to edit it unkindly, so you look like you are saying something you aren't.
I've never been approached to do so. If I was, I would probably say no, because I'm busy getting on with what I need to do.
I've never been asked but I'd probably say yes if I was, depending on what it was about.
That's funny that you get asked a lot! I have never been asked and wondered if they were staged. I think they're fine as long as the people being interviewed are ok with it. It would depend on the issue whether I would do the interview or not.
I'd love to do them but I have never been approached. I love giving my opinion and love my head on TV. What is there not to like?
I have been asked twice.

I did them...and it was cool.If everyone said no, we would never know how people feel.If you don't want to get asked...stay away- I say- from the big camera.
Go on the other side of the road, or walk the other way.

Freedom of speech, is a wonderful Thing!!
I have never been asked either but would be happy to do it.
P'raps I'm just a cynic, but having once worked in a tv. newsroom, it would depend on the questions - if they were just 'fun' questions, I might, but I remember how editing to get the result wanted, can end up with what you said, being completely different than what appears on the tv screen.
But, as Andy Wharhol once said,everyone wants their l5 minutes of fame.... guess he knew, he was an expert at it.
No, haven't been asked, & if I was, would gracefully decline.
Appeared on TV for four years' intermittently, which was great, as it was purposeful.
Now it's just gossip fodder!
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