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Did you watch Perry Mason?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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Perry Mason was the TV series based on the books by Eric Stanley Gardner. With his secretary Della Street and always smoking private investigator, Paul Drake, defence lawyer Perry Mason always got a confession, usually in the witness box at the end of each episode.

It ran for nine years and there were thirty made for television movies, so there's no denying it was popular.

Did you watch it?

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Top Answers
Yes, I sure did!!
I watched and watched and watched some more.He was very much liked back in the day.
Had a great 'presence' about him.

I loved Perry Mason - I thought Paul Drake was very handsome. I didn't mind that the ending (the confession in the witness box) happened all the time. If it was a show now, I'd probably hate it. I think we had much simpler taste back then (I was a kid so maybe I was just naÔve)
Nine years? Wow, that's a good record. I haven't heard of the show or the books, but it looks a bit film noir-ish.
Where were you in the '60's that you don't know of one of THE most popular tv series? Lol!
by donjo
I did not exist in the 1960s
I used to watch Perry Mason. I thought he was very clever to always catch the criminals every time. It was the foreunner of a lot of shows that came later.
My family used to watch it together. It was always fascinating, although I can't remember too much about it today.
I think watching Perry Mason as a kid was the start of my love of court room dramas. I've since watched every episode of Law and Order, some more than once.
Same. Maybe it did!
Loved Perry Mason (both the show and the movies) - used to watch them with my mother when I was a kid and well into my teens, along with a whole heap of other shows like Ellery Queen and Barney Miller.
by ca
I also loved Ellery Queen....
Yes. I remember it being family around the tv after dinner.
Yes, many years ago in black and white
The whole family watched it together on a Tuesday night!
Loved the Theme music! The actor who played 'Paul Drake', his Mother was a real-life Hollywood 'Gossip Columnist'. Actress Barbara Hale (Secty Della Street) was married to actor Bill Williams, who played 'Kit Carson'. Their son, William Katt, was a tv actor, & the spitting image of his father! Raymond Burr owned an island in the South Pacific. He only 'came out' a few years before he died.
Enjoyed all the 'Perry Mason' movies made, too! He later starred in 'Ironside'.
Thought HAMilton BURGER was an interesting name at the time, because said meal had just started to become popular here, when series' was shown firstly!
No I didnít watch it. We didnít have tv as a child. I watched stuff after school next door sometimes, & then later Iíd watch a little t.v. at my bífís house. My father never bought a tv in his life! The only t.v my parents watched was in Paris, in the studio my father had to do his painting! We 4 siblings bought our mother a little t.v for her 70th Birthday. (Our father had already passed away by then)
by Miro
It was one of the first crime show, and yes, I used to watch it!
by Finy
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