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Could you give up TV for a month?

by Vee (follow)
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Could you give up watching television for a month? And no, you can’t use the laptop, computer, tablet, iPhone or any other device to watch your shows.

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Top Answers
No, I wouldn’t mind not watching t.v. for a month. I was at my daughters house in Melbourne for 3 weeks a year, for 2/3 years, & they don’t own a t.v, & I didn’t miss it at all. 1 could always listen to the radio, (I never listen to it at home,) play scrabble with ones self, read, write letters, phone friends for a chat, do puzzles, or play cards. So much to do, so little time.
by Miro
Definitely not!

I would have little to do at night, though on saying this, TV is so bad at the moment I would not miss much.

As I live alone it would be very quiet and I would not want to live for a whole month without a TV
by Finy
I know, there is very little on these days. And all the interesting stuff is on too late.
by Vee
I think I could give it up without too much effort. I only watch TV every now and then anyway.
Nope - not that there's anything on tv that I'm dying to watch, but I do like to plonk on the couch at the end of the day....
I could do it, and I have done it in the past, usually when something to replace TV with like a really addicting video game or the like. I may really enjoy TV but I don't spend a huge amount of time each day watching TV, so going without wouldn't feel like the end of the world.
Yes, gladly would!! TV is a BIG distraction! :)
Easily. In fact I don't watch anything on TV. Our TV is just a big screen to which we connect tablet to stream and watch.
us too. :)
by jonaja
Only if it was a matter of life and death otherwise no way. I already have to force myself to not turn the thing on during the day. They don't call it the boob tube for nothing.
I don't understand. :S
by Vee
Sorry I guess I've inherited my father's sense of humor... a little lame at times. To answer you're question better, I would find it extremely difficult to not watch tv for a month cause it's a big part of my day.
by Pauli
LOL, my bad Pauli. I just looked up 'boob tube' on the internet to find out it is a North American term for television. There's nothing lame about your humour, just my comprehension of American slang. :P
by Vee
by Pauli
I don't have TV. A couple years ago I invited myself to a friend's to watch Ratatouille. That reminded me of why I never wanted TV.
by Vee
Easily...I rarely watch it anyway!
I only watch about an hour of t.v. a month, because it is my son's t.v.

We do watch movies on it, but they are ones he already has.
I have gone off main-stream t.v. big time.
My computer I am at a lot, and also work so don't have a lot of time for t.v.
Have 3 tv's, 2 'inherited' with accompanying VCR from kids' when they left.
So I'd luckily not have that problem!

But, many years' ago, when only had 1 VCR, & that had to go to repair workshop, I rented a VCR, as I TAPE my fave tv shows, so as I can 'time shift' AND ff the adverts!
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