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Brian dies on Family Guy, is this good or bad?

by DamienR (follow)
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Hardcore Family Guy fans had the shock of lifetime this season with the death of Brian the dog, voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane. With the loss of Brian, the Griffin family needed a new pet. Enter Vinnie. Is this weird? Is it a smart move? Or did Family Guy just make a monstrous mistake?

This is Vinnie

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I hate Family Guy so it does not bother me one way or another, but I expect that fans will be up in arms about it. It is the same when any much loved character leaves a show. People always complain - I did when Dr. Weir and Dr. Beckett died on Stargate Atlantis. There is a difference between sci-fi and a cartoon though. Characters very rarely die in cartoons; the only exception I can think of is Maud from the Simpsons. Brian was a lot more popular than Maud though. At the same time, however, I don't think they'll lose any viewers because of it.

What happened to Brain anyway? Did the actor decide to leave or the crew just decide to kill him off?
The creator does the voice of Peter, Brian and many others. Apparently they wanted to just "shake things up" and they certainly succeeding in doing that, just not in the way they had hoped. Brian was one of the most loved characters on the show. Time will tell if this was a good move or not.
It could be a good move to refresh the show, or reduce Seth MacFarlane's workload, both of which could have great outcomes. Interested to check out more Vinnie.
I never really thought about what Seth MacFarlene might do with his spare time...he may just want to relax a little, but I doubt it. He seems like a workaholic. We'll just have to wait and see, it could be interesting.
I liked Brian, but who cares? Well, obviously lots of people, but I think it's a really childish response to change. It's just an imaginary, animated character in a TV show. In saying that, I'm not sure why they'd change a winning formula. Cartoons are known for their ridiculous ability for the characters to stay ever-young, with no progression, why challenge that model with one of the fans' favourite characters? Seems a bit silly to me.
Honestly, it seems silly to me too. I'm not surprised people are upset. People get attached to fictional characters, it's just who we are. I don't think I've ever been really attached to a TV character, but I can't count how many book characters I've been emotionally investment in.
It's really going to change the show. Brian and Stewie were a great pair. So many shows were based around things they did together. I'm gonna miss Brian.
It's pretty entertaining how worked up people got over this
I don't care much about Brian. If Roger were to be killed off, I'd have a problem with it, but not Brian.
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