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Bold & The Beautiful – What will Quinn do next?

by Vee (follow)
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Rena Sofer
Rena Sofer plays Quinn Fuller. Image sourced from http://tenplay.com.au/

Like an animal lashes out when backed into a corner, Quinn will do something rash to make Liam disappear. Quinn will do anything and everything to ensure her son Whyatt’s happiness with Hope, but what will that be?

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Top Answers
cannot resist answering another Bold and beautiful question!
I am shortly going to have to watch it again, and start lying to friends!

Perhaps the answer to your question is kill someone!
is that possible?
by Finy
Haha, and I thank you for answering my B&B questions, Finy. Especially because, as you can see, not many people do. In answer to your question, looking at the woman, it's clear she is capable of all things evil.
by Vee
well, you make me smile as most people do not like admitting they watch this. watched the sexy one last night -just like biggest loser -quite amazing
by Finy
Ah drats, I missed tonight's episode. I think it's inspirational, and seeing how happy the end result makes the contestants and their families is pretty uplifting. I don't know about the Biggest Loser though. I mean, my husband lost 5 kilos without doing any more physical activity than he usually does, and that's saying a lot given that he drives for 12 hours a day, then sleeps for 8-9 hours, that leaves what? Four hours, most of which he spends on his bum as he eats or watches television. Honestly, I think the Biggest Loser has it all wrong. I feel for the contestants because they are made to do very difficult and arduous activities, and for what? Ratings. I don’t watch it on principle. As for the not admitting to watching soaps, I can think of so many worse things to watch than the B&B. I’m sure you’d agree Finy. LOL

by Vee
well, i had not looked at it that there are worse things to watch but I really enjoy biggest loser but people scream at me about watc hing it -ok exxagerating here.

I am currently watching it but decided i had somethings to do so will watch the end part only! real humans is on sbs2 tongiht!! one of my favourite
by Finy
Given that Quin has already nearly knocked Liam out by locking him in a sauna, there is nothing I wouldn't put past her.
by Vee
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