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Bold & The Beautiful – What has Hope done?

by Vee (follow)
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Hope Logan
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Was Hope right to marry Wyatt so impulsively when Liam failed to meet her in their ‘special spot’ beside the Eiffel Tower?

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Top Answers
Something extremely dumb.
I can understand having feelings for two guys at the same time, but to commit yourself to one man so openly and in a flight of disappointment turn around and marry the other in the same breath is low. Hope is officially turning into her mother!
by Vee
Also, the episode with the photo shoot in France was ridiculous. One would think they could have dressed Hope in clothes that actually looked fashionable and suited the multi-million dollar diamond. She looked like a ten year old girl with that pink headband and plain dress, not like an empowered fashion designer with the world at her feet.
by Vee
It is never a good idea to make big dicisions on impulse.
A lesson I keep forgetting!
by Vee
Don't we all turn into our mothers.

The story is so convoluted, I don't know why you are so surprised at events like this!

Most of it IS ridiculous and so stupid, it is almost funny!
by Finy
I'm hopeless with guessing what will happen next. Actually, I don't really like to think about it because it takes the fun and emotional affect out of it when something ridiculous does happen.
by Vee
I don't watch this show, but that girl is the spitting image of Kelly Clarkson!
LOL, I have to disagree. Besides, that image is so heavily Photoshopped I almost couldn't recognise her!
by Vee
Of all the stupid people in the show, Hope is the "stupidier" I think, please send her away to...anywhere and get some reasonably intelligent woman in her place. And one with a more modern hair style and clothes!
One can see that the baby is probably Liam's and the marriage with the redneck will finish, but the witch mother will interfere again and the whole thing will repeat itself with all the undertones that happen before.
A boring show.
One wonders how come in a place so aware of delinquency, as the United States, the actions of a criminal mind, like Quinn's have been ignored legally and nobody seems to be aware that the law would be applicable to her actions and punishment (an action everyone must see to be taken in any show) would follow.
In real life this woman would be in jail for a long time, or under the care of an institution for the criminally insane.
If you create criminal types, you must make them suffer the consequences of their actions, otherwise the reality of the show completely disappears.
And as a great favor to all of us, please get rid of Maya, she also has become a prototype, a very irritating one.
The whole show is become a repetitious bore.
no hope should end up with hope

dlind, I'm not sure I understand.
by Vee
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