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Bold & The Beautiful - Was Ivy out of line with Hope?

by Vee (follow)
Soap (92)      The Bold and The Beautiful (90)      Daytime television (88)     

Ashleigh Brewer
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After overhearing Ali and Ivy discussing her failed relationship with Liam, Hope insinuates that Ivy intentionally fell in to the Seine to delay Liam.

Ivy then unleashes on the new Mrs Wyatt Spencer promising to give her only as much respect as she "deserves."

Was Ivy out of line or was it about time somebody confronted Hope about her despicable behaviour?

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Top Answers
Yes, probably was about time someone did this.

I do not think Ivy was out of line -well, in real life perhaps she would have been, but not on B & B.

Hope's behaviour was, after all, really bad.
by Finy
Did you see the episode? Hope was being a total bitch. She had it coming to her, I reckon. So funny!
by Vee
yes, I guess you could call it funny!
by Finy
It was Hope that was out of line. Ivy just gave Hope what Hope gave her. Liam should move on with Ivy because not only is Ivy gorgeous, she is also an Aussie.
Ivy was right and not out of line.
Hope is a complete idiot anyway, she should live with what she has done and stay with her redneck husband, have a bunch of kids with him and learn to "love" her mother in law, the despicable witch Wynn, because she seems to be there (in the serial) for good, most unfortunately.
By the way does the serial approve of criminal actions, like Wynn's, when it does not even imply that the police should be notified of what happened?
I thought any criminal act, specially something so obvious and known by everyone in this comedy, would not have the approval of whatever legal watchdogs sanction this program before is exposed to the public.
This tells us that a woman who tried to kill someone with premeditation, even making the weapon to do so and also push someone over a bridge, with risk to her life and also great premeditation, gets away with it and can walk in and out of an insane hospital at will. Rather unrealistic I would have thought.
Liam would, in real life, get on with his own life and forget his infantile crush on Hope, He needs a real woman, a real person to show him what love is all about and not the childish and whimsical little Hope, the stupid girl that can never make up her mind about who she is going to sleep with, or to have children with when she does not even want them.
Is this a sign that the serial is degenerating, not only into stupidity but also into criminality as a source of entertainment?
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