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Bold & The Beautiful - Is Ridge dead?

by Vee (follow)
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Ridge Forrester
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Ridge has just returned to L.A. from Paris, so it does not seem plausible for him to be killed off The Bold and the Beautiful so soon. However, it has been nearly a whole day (a week in our time!) since he plummeted out of a helicopter and into the Persian Gulf. Will Ridge be found or is he gone for good (this time)?

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Top Answers
Oh no, after 30 years of being Ridge and he was probably almost 30 when he started how can he be dead....odd thing is they dont seem to age.....

NMo, he is not gone for good -he has no other professional to go to....who would take an actor who has done the same role for 30 years!!
by Finy
Wow, Finy, you really haven't been watching! Haha, Ronn Moss, the actor who played Ridge for all those years, left some time ago. He is actually a musician and is touring Australia in the near future. Can you believe it?! His replcement, or should I say the way he portrays Ridge, is incredibly arrogant, irrational and proud. If he was killed off, I sure won't miss him.
by Vee
OIC!! I didnt know old ridge had left and yes he was a musician before he was a B&B! THAT I remember.
But you need to update me on all this!! then i could answer your questions "correctly"
by Finy
Maybw you should just start watching the show again, (hint, hint. Nudge, nudge). LOL. then we can better speculate on what will happen next. :P
by Vee
Vee's right Finy, you have to watch it! lol...lol.
It's entertaining and you know it is :)
by jonaja
Right on, jonaj! LOL!
by Vee
hmmmm...but dont turn it on now that i do voluntary work till about 5.30
by Finy
That's ok, they have reruns at 730 in the morning! Haha.
by Vee
I rarely watch the show, but still can't get over the fact that Ridge is no longer played by Ronn Moss!
I know. I've been watching it, and it's still weird for me.
by Vee
Well it won't be the same.
Ridge is one in a million, so who? could take his place, and we believe it is him!
You know, they are all wanting out...is what I think, so they can get a real life.
Ridge will go, and they all will follow,remember they have been at it for 3 decades.That's a long time and they can't keep going forever.New people will have to come into it.

Sad but true :(
I don't believe they have killed him off. He's bound to come back from the dead, they always seem to in soaps!
jonaj, you musn't have seen mine and Finy's conversation. Ronn Moss has already gone. He wasn't killed off, only replaced. Now his replacement is back in a totally unbelievable twist of events. What the heck?! Is all I have to say.
by Vee
So, Ridge is not dead. But how stupid do the writers think we are? There have been plenty of unexplainable and unbelievable plot twists on the B&B, but Brook finding Ridge walking along the beachside after falling out of a helicopter? Come on people!
by Vee
today I saw the new guy!!
yucky no way does he even look like Moss.!!!
by jonaja
Hahaha, I know!
by Vee
If he would have died it would be a lot more interesting..think of the possibilities.
and isn't Ronn Moss a bit dated (old) for a new band musician?
I believe he's been playing music for a while.
by Vee
I don't watch this show.
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