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Bold & The Beautiful - Do you want to see Brooke with Bill or Deacon?

by Vee (follow)
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Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer
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Deacon and Brooke first started out as a fling while Deacon was married to Brooke's daughter, Bridget. As per usual, their relationship soon came to an end and many years later, Brooke fell into the arms of another married man. This time, it was her sister's husband Bill.

The two men are now vying for Brooke's attention - each has proposed marriage, but whom will she choose?

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Top Answers
I think Bill however it really makes little difference as soon she will divorce him and then probably go on to Deacon.

She swaps partners often and re marries, and swaps, and swaps -her reasons seem totally illogical and probably so that this story can go on,
and on,
and on
by Finy
Bill, but I'm sure we'll all be satisfied no matter who we bat for.

I wonder if she'll ever go back to Ridge now that it's the new Ridge.
With Bill Spencer :) Bill is handsome, rich, powerful and a real man :) Bill is a match for Brooke as they are of the same social level. Brooke will not find any thing in Deacon in all level as Deacon is nothing but a social climber who is not even as good looking as Bill. The show should replace Deacon with an actor who is more good looking than Bill. That goes for Mya. In what planet is it believable that Rick will fall for a chimp when he has a blond gorgeous wife? To make it believable, Mya should be blonder and hotter than Rick's wife :)
I think Mya can be attractive, but she's so transparent and such a 'wannabe' it really dwarfs her appearance. Yuck! I don't know what to think about Deacon, but your responses are great fun to read!
by Vee
I cannot believe how you described Mya as a chimp. That's pretty racial. She is far better looking than Caroline who is a typical rich kid spoilt brat who played some awful unhanded moves against Mya to get Rick back.
I think the more interesting plot at the moment is whether Hope will dump that also sleezy Wyatt when Hope finds out that his mother was involved again in coming between Hope and Liam. Clearly Liam is going to start going out with Ivy but will Hope and Liam ever be together, that is the question. Far more interesting that Brooke marrying one man or the other because clearly in time to come, she will be married to both. She has to, she has been married to every other man on the show.
But then again I will burst all your bubbles and let you know that Hope has not re-signed her contract and will not be returning to B&B. Maybe they will replace her with someone else (like Ridge and Rick) or kill her off.

by Jan M
Oh no, Jan! Why?! Why would you post a spoiler. Damn nabbit, lol.
by Vee
Brook has fallen into the Arm's of many many men!

She is one loose hussy!

I think she has been now married 4 or 5 times.
I would like to shake her, and then slap her out-of-it!
"Loose hussy"! LMAO, jonaj! And apparently she has been married 12 times to five different men, one of whom went by the name Whipple. WTF?!
by Vee
LOL....LOL....LOL....12 times married are you sure?
by jonaja
According to the website I consulted, yes. Thank goodness she is in Milan. If she gets married over there, at least it will be with somebody she hasn't already tied the knot with, LOL!
by Vee
Jan M :) I am sorry I offended you by describing Mya as a Chimp :) my comment is not racially based at all :) it's just that I get so disgusted the way she throws herself on Rick even in the presence of her old gorgeous black fiancé who happens to be tall dark and very handsome vs Rick who is ordinary looking, short and a Forrester :)
Please!!!!! Deacon? he is a real drop kick, what the heck is he doing back in this program?
Send him back to jail, where he surely belongs, even his hairdo is offensive.
No woman with any sense (of course the women in this program have little sense!) would ever tolerate the presence of such an ass....in their home or anywhere.
No reason to marry him by anyone, get rid of him! Or as an interesting alternative, marry him to his partner in crime, Quinn, a couple made in heaven.
Brooke will alternately marry all the men in the program again, but of course she was never married to Deacon, because he was already married to her own daughter. But she is getting a bit old for these treks.

What a convoluted story this is. The only interesting part these days is the jealousy between Hope and Ivy and hopefully Ivy will get the man, as Hope is "hopeless" in every choice she makes, which are only temporary, of course.
And don't give us her attitude of "holier than thou" that she has had all along, she is just a little tart, sleep around chit, like her mother, no virtuous young lady.

I can tell Ridge is getting involved with another woman yet, isn't there anyone with any sense in this program? or with any loyalty feelings? Isn't he going back to drive trucks as he would rightly do, rather than designing fashion for the refined ladies of the world? After all you tell us he lost his ability to even trace a line on paper, so let him be free to interpret the right calling for his looks and personality, truck driving.

And that redneck boy that married Hope would be better suited doing farming jobs in some backwards lot, taking care of the pigs or something.

Maybe this is what Americans are like these days, not much to say for strength of character or any good personality traits, a pity.

You must realize that the world watches these popular programs and we all make an interpretation of their characters and judge the people in them as representatives of a nation, so perhaps it would be an idea to revise the characters and create some better interpreters of the American people.
I am sure there are a lot of intelligent women and men in the fashion business in LA and they are not all European.

I think that she should marry Bill, Katie has moved on with Ridge (although it's strange that ridge has not bought her a engagement ring yet to replace the ribbon).
I know! What a cheapskate, lol. He clearly is not yet ready to commit to her properly.
by Vee
I want to see brooke and billl as a couple for a very very long time i am tired of seing brooke going back to the same man ridge ,like theres no other man.jees whats with him anyway?
I want to see brooke and billl as a couple for a very very long time i am tired of seing brooke going back to the same man ridge ,like theres no other man.jees whats with him anyway?
by Vee
A full dozen times since 2012...she has been married, I lost count then till 2016?
Sorry for ''double-dipping'' in answering!! but I really want to smack her!!!!
by jonaja
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