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Bold & The Beautiful – Are you looking forward to Ashleigh Brewer joining the cast?

by Vee (follow)
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Ashleigh Brewer
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Ashleigh Brewer, known for her role as Kate Ramsay on Australian television series, Neighbours, will soon join the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful. Cast as Ivy Forrester, Brewer is set to find love with one of the Spencer boys.

Are you looking forward to the young starlet joining the cast of the long-running soap?

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Top Answers
I am very interested to see how Ashleigh fits in with the rest of the cast and characters. It certainly will be weird seeing her play another character. I'm so used to seeing her as Kate Ramsay.
by Vee
But of course I will look forward to it -she is another young, beautiful, long haired B & B hopeful!
by Finy
Have you started watching the show again, Finy?
by Vee
Poor Ashley! She looks like a fish out of the water, not a natural for this kind of thing but then...she was never a good actress anyway. Take her back to Australia!
What I find even more questionable is the turn things are taking in the B&B and the substitution of the Ridge person (actor) for one that looks like a rough truck driver, not a fashion designer and also acts like one, the stupidity and cupidity of the women and the unconditional approval of the old man (Eric) who seems to live only precariously of the adventures and misadventures of others, he certainly is not the businessman type he represents in the serial.
Things are going seriously bad and boring with this soap opera and I stopped watching a week go and instead watched something else, a lot more entertaining and less frustrating.
I hope you change some things specially the Hope type, who seems to be busy only choosing alternately between two young men and doing little to advance her career, although she told us all many times how important that was in her life.
And the Wyatt creature, OMG! do something to his hair and his coloring, he looks like a true redneck and he would do well as such type.
As for the poor, criminally insane mother, please! take her away to some remote African village where she can communicate with the Vodoo preacher and the tribal witch doctors!
My comments are also those of my afternoon watching group, we get together and watch soaps to our heart content every afternoon.
Thanks for the opportunity to tell you.

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