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Arrow Season 2, Thumbs up or Thumbs Down?

by helenonthesofa (follow)
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Season 2 of Arrow is finally on air in Australia, much to the delight of it's following of loyal fans. The story is jumping along at a fast pace, with a lot of character development in just a few episodes.

arrow season 2
Image: Arrow Facebook Page

Are you happy to see how this new season is shaping up, and are you tuning in every week? Or is it not living up to the promise of the first season?

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Top Answers
Oh wow, I had no idea Arrow that is only airing now in Aus. I'm glad I haven't posted any spoilers! I'm going to try and give my overall impression of the season, I'm going to give a few light teasers but no real spoilers. If you don't want any teasers, stop reading :)

If you have been visiting TVode regularly, then you probably know I enjoy superhero shows, and that Arrow is my genre favourite. Season two was a serious treat for anyone who has followed comic books. The last six episodes of the season were just epic! A lot of heroes and a lot of villains. The story build-up was great. The show did have it's usual cheeseball scenes, there were instances of poor acting, just like the first season, but those instances are becoming few and far between. I love that some characters return and I hope for another spin-off show besides the Flash - The WB did a great job on the series I'm thinking about back in 2002-3, the CW could do it better. Okay, I'm going to stop here, so I don't spoil anything. Enjoy the ride, it's a great season!
I'm loving it so far. Another superhero fan here, and I think this series has improved so much in terms of acting and flow. I still find the character of Laurel Lance go to the place of cardboard acting from time to time, but the actual superhero theme has really come together for me this time.
I think aside from a couple of cheesefest acting, the whole cast have really stepped up. I've seen a few spoilers for what comes next and I'm really really interested. nothing has disappointed so far, so this gets a big thumbs up from me.
I have heard about this show before but never tuned in. Sounds like something I'd like so I'll add it to my watch list.
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