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Are you watching Family Feud?

by Vee (follow)
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Revived by Network Ten and hosted by Grant Denyer, Family Feud has made a come back to the small screen. Are you watching? Why or why not? Did you watch it ‘back in the day’?

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Top Answers
I used to love the US version of Family Feud, but I rarely watch it anymore. I still love watching outtakes that you can find on Youtube. I just don't dig game shows the way I used to.
No, I dislike Grant Denyer intensely -or rather he gets on my nerves and I cannot watch a show he is hosting.

Don't even know what it is that I dislike about him -perhaps it is that false grin all the time?

But NO, I do not watch Family Feud.
by Finy
Maybe because he's SO short? I can't abide short men, they ALL have 'small man syndrome'!
by donjo
My kids will watch it on occasion. I'm always amused at the answers!
Me too.
by Vee
Never heard of it. It sounds like a cross between a game show and Jerry Springer-type chat show. What happens?
LOL, no Jerry Springer. Two families compete against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to a survey question posed to 100 people. For example, 'Name something you only do when you’re sick'.
by Vee
Oh, we have that! It's called Family Fortunes over here.
Family Feud is so last century. Surely the big bucks ideas team can come up with something fresh instead of going with what the work experience kid put in the suggestion box for a joke.
I watch the one with Steve Harvey. I generally like the jokes but dislike the constant sex jokes, it just always go there.
by Gia
That's silly. It's supposed to be a family programme. :|
by Vee
Nope! Just way TOO inane for me! I can't stand watching people make utter fools' of themselves. That's same reason I NEVER went to a work Xmas Party!
We just watch the last 5 mins of the show to see if the family wins the $10,000 or not. My husband is watching the news for the previous 25 minutes of the show.
by Miro
That's the best part of the show. I try to do that as well.
by Vee
I was but have now given it the flick for Chaser
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