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Are you aware of the new types of TV screens available on the market?

by Gia (follow)
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Are you stay current on the new types of TV screen/sets available on the market?

For example:
Ultra HDTV
Curved TV

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Top Answers
Although I am not interested in them, I am well aware of 3D TVs, Smart TVs, and Curved screened TVs.
I only just read about the curved screens for the first time today. But honestly, gun to my head, I don't think I could explain much about the difference between all the screen types!
I've heard of all these and lately the curved TV seems to be generating more interest.
I have heard of them. I am ok with the one I have. Most of these recent additions are very expensive.
by Gia
3D didn't really catch on, as I predicted. The curved screen idea is really just another way of trying to stimulate sales in lieu of the failure of 3D. I have looked at them, but I am not sure of what benefit it is. The next big thing is the new 4k format. I have looked into that in great detail. It is quite difficult to get your head around the figures, but regardless of what signal is going into them, they definitely display a wider range of colours and have better contrast than the normal HD sets. They also appear sharper, partly as a result of the colour and contrast, but also the finer resolution. Even though some people will argue that there is no difference when displaying a normal HD signal, the human eye does detect a difference that is more of a perception. You can definitely sit much closer to them, (as you can with a computer monitor), which is important due to the fact that people are inclined to put screens in their rooms that are too big for the viewing distance they have available. That being said, you only get the full benefit from a 4k movie on disk or from a download.

At present our government, in their infinite wisdom, doesn't allow the TV networks the bandwidth to transmit a full HD signal. It is actually sent out in the old 640 X 480 format and expanded by the software and hardware in your set to fill the HD screen. It is obviously better than the old analogue picture, but is not really full HD as experienced in the US, or from a Blue-ray disk. We are being conned in that respect.

Eventually we might get 4k transmission, or even full HD, one hopes, but in the meantime 4k will become the standard. Therefore, in my opinion, when it comes time to replace your old set, that is the way to go if you can afford it. They are already quite a bit cheaper than they were at the beginning. That is what I am planning to do at some point down the track a bit.
The ones that come to mind right away are LED and plasma TVs.
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