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Are you a fan of Gordon Ramsay?

by Gia (follow)
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I love to watch Gordon Ramsay but can't stand his potty mouth. Had to stop watching Hell's Kitchen due to the cussing. Are you a Gordon Ramsay fan?

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Top Answers
LOVE Gordon Ramsay! His programmes are filmed over 4 weeks then compacted into one 40 minute TV show.
His 'Language' is exactly the same that any kitchen/wait staff will hear in 99% of commercial kitchens. It is NOT kindergarten & never will be. Blame the producers for cutting the film to use so much 'real kitchen speak'!!
I know chefs who'd have physically assaulted some of the gits Mr Ramsay has had to suffer. Commercial enterprises do not have time to waste on idiots or potential Salmonella poisoners! At least he is honest and more tolerant than many.
His language shows that he is just an inarticulate yob who is totally disrespectful of his colleagues and the viewing public, but his manner shows that he is nothing more than a schoolyard bully in an apron and he should be shunned and ignored like all bullies.
I really do dislike this man!

I cannot stand to ven watch the adverts he makes.

I find him rude, krass (sp?) and just an unpleasant person and would not waste time watching anything he does or says.
by Finy
lol, you really dislike him
by Gia
I hate him. Never is there a reason to swear at your staff. There is nothing cool about f'ing and blinding. In a real work environment, you would never be able to get away with that. It's just because he's Gordon Ramsay that he gets away with it.
Bryony, people do get away with this sort of behaviour. I can't set him apart for that reason. I've been sworn at.
by Vee
Just because people get away with it, doesn't make it acceptable.
LOL.... I take it you have never worked in a kitchen with Chef's.
I have, and they can be as mean as he is...believe me.
by jonaja
I wasn't referring to chefs in particular, but jut the workplace in general.
You know what - he really adds a color of personality to the TV? When I used to watch his show I used to get so wound up and stress just watching it - so he does a great job. Do I like him? I don't really know him. Is it it the REAL HIM that he acts...or is it an act! Not sure!
Yes and no. He is entertaining and there is something sexy about him; but you don't just accidentally cheat on your wife for six years.
by Vee
Cant stand his cussing so I do not watch Hells Kitchen which is the one with the most cussing.
by Gia
Oh! Mr Dirty Mouth.

Well he is good for A FEW things.

1. A brilliant Chef.
2. He gets people thinking about how dirty those kitchens are.
3. He won't settle for second best.

He has his purpose in life.

Someone has to be the heavy hand.I think he would be better to cut-out-the
language, then he really would be a winner.
I'm just glad there are heavy's out there ready to uncover filthy kitchens.
Plus BAD Chef's.
Who needs poisoning!
P.S. I think unless you have worked in a Chef's kitchen, and I mean a real kitchen you can't fully understand the 'mark' of service one needs to produce, for not only paying customers....but one's that have to eat too.
A Chef is under tremendous pressure, from service to service.
Mistakes are something they can not allow to happen, or they loose in a matter of a week their reputation.
You only have to have one Chef make a mistake and that's a disaster.
by jonaja
Nope, I find his rudeness is nothing short of abuse. Good television doesn't involve making people cry.

My friend is a chef and he's met some arseholes in his travels, and as he says THERE'S NO EXCUSE FOR BAD BEHAVIOUR. It gives the whole profession a bad name.
You'll be surprised at how MUCH editing goes on to make people and situations "good television". Reality television relies on drama and antagonism. Reality shows are unscripted (unlike a film, movie or documentary). Countless hours and weeks are filmed virtually 24/7 to be able to generate enough content to provide one episode that will draw an audience and no less than 85% of the content needs to be able to provide conflict. Unfortunately that is the truth behind the making of reality programs.

Having said this, Gordon Ramsey's language is no more or less than anyone else who works in a commercial kitchen. When he was out in Australia a couple of years ago I had the opportunity to see him at work. Language aside, his work ethic was and is extraordinary. He is full of integrity, passion and commitment to his craft (and cooking is most definitely his craft). He commands excellence AND you will be surprised how much respect he has garnered from fellow chefs.

The swearing and cussing is the making of a brand - the Gordon Ramsey brand. Wrongly or rightly and whether you agree with his "potty mouth" it draws people into watching.

I'm definitely a fan - as I love his work ethic and cooking (Although MAZE Restaurant has since closed in Melbourne, the food was out of this world) .
It's a shame that an audience only sees the producer's heavily edited brand and that people perceive this as being the true Ramsey.
LOVE Gordon Ramsay! A brilliant Chef.

by asha
Yes & No he's kinda like a car crash
I think he's a brilliant Chef.

The tv advert in which he appeared for 'Specsavers' had me ROFL'ng every time I saw it! Just fabulous!

Only other Chef's I enjoy are Rick Stein, Gabriel Gate, & latest Melbourne chef, touring the Meditteranean countries'.

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