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Are you a channel hopper?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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If you can't find something interesting on TV do you switch off or continuously go through each channel until some eventually come up? Do you switch channels during the adverts and end up watch two programmes at once?

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Top Answers
I've stopped watching TV completely! I get everything now from Netflix or BBC iPlayer on my Playstation. Can't be bothered with working out when to watch actual TV - I'd rather have it at my convenience.
Now that there are so many channels - digital and Pay TV, I'm a compulsive channel hopper. I stopped looking at TV guides - now I just watch TV when I feel like it, and search around until I find the right thing.
I never used to be a channel hopper (I found it annoying when other people channel hopped) but, with the lack of interesting programmes, I have started to do so more. That's only in the evening, while I'm eating though. If I am not eating, then I'll just switch off.
My husband is. Oh how it grates my nerves!
by Vee
I'm with Lindsay, with so many 'TV on demand' choice nowadays, I rarely watch normal TV. When I do, I stick to the few channels that air shows I can't find on-demand, so I do very little channel surfing.
You caught me, guilty as charged.
I hate 'add's' so I change, change, change.It's just me and the remote, and don't even think of coming and taking it off me....! I Bite
I do hop from channel to channel until something interesting comes up. Usually something does. If it really is all utter rubbish, I will turn the TV off, but it takes me a while.

I have been known to watch two and sometimes three programmes between commercial breaks - makes me miss having a VCR and think about getting something like TEVO to record one of them.
No. No. No & No!

Very rarely do I watch TV 'live' aired! If I do, it'll be ABC (no adverts), or SBS (very few adverts).

For the rest, I VHS tape, thereby 'time-shifting'! It also means I'm ONLY watching programmes I WANT to watch, no 'wasted' time, & as is a tape, I just 'zap FF' through adverts!
Way to go!
My husband certainly is. I donít use the controller now, since all those extra channels started up! We do hate the ads, so he change channels then, back ín forth, back /n forth! And he doesnít mind watching a show or a movie when itís already 1/2 way though it! I hate that, so i take my laptop to the bedroom, & catchup on my iview!
by Miro
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