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Are you a binge TV watcher?

by DamienR (follow)
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E Online recently put up their list of shows to binge watch over summer - or winter, depending on your hemisphere. There were some great choices like Lost, Sherlock and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Which made me start thinking, if you could binge watch only one show, right now, which show would it be?

Buffy Lives, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Top Answers
Game of Thrones, most definitely!
I love binge watching GoT!
I thought Lost was a great addition to this list, because you almost have to binge watch it to follow along!

If I were going to binge watch a show right now, it would be Star Trek Enterprise. My wife is pretty anti-Star Trek, so I've never made it through every season.
Yes, Lost is a good one! I've been meaning to watch that as I only made it through the first couple of seasons. I still want to watch it, even though a "friend" ruined it for me by telling my what happens in the final episode :/
I thought the final episode was kind of a joke, it had nothing to do with the running story which had really gone south as the writers prepared for the end. The first two seasons were the best seasons. That doesn't mean the rest of the show isn't worth watching, but it was less satisfying, in my opinion anyway.
I don't think I could binge watch. I couldn't watch tv for that length of time.
Right now: Friends.
by Vee
I've been binge watching Chuck on Netflix the passed couple of days.
I don't watch as much tv as I used to, more dvds which I can pause if the kids wake up and need me. DVD watching kind of lends itself to binge watching of particular shows. I might watch one episode a night of a show and get through a season in a couple of weeks. Sometimes if I'm sick or something I'll watch a few episodes in a row.
Oops hadn't fully answered the question. 24 was good watched that way. Also, Sherlock, Farscape, Firefly, Buffy and my favourite guilty pleasure, Degrassi.
'Forever'....all 'characters' are interesting, & not one 'dysfunctional' child to have to put up with! (Unless you want to count Abraham! Lol!)

Sick of those 'hanger-on teenagers' in shows.
Erin's daughter in 'Blue Bloods' is THE worst! Wish they'd pack her up & off to her 'TV dad' in 'Frisco, to get rid of her. Her voice is terrible, the haircut worse, & she contributes nothing to the show! Here endeth the rant!
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