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Are there too many zombie shows next season?

by DamienR (follow)
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The Walking Dead has become a huge phenomenon and everyone in TVland wants to cash in, even AMC canít get enough. I remember in season 4 of True Blood, in the Halloween episode one of the characters said something like ďDidnít you know, Zombies are the VampireĒ and how right she was. Next season we will see a new season of the Walking Dead, a new season of the Talking Dead (where they talk about the walking Dead), a Walking dead spin-off show, the CW is trying out iZombie (a zombie who solves mysteries by eating dead people) and now Syfy has announced Z Nation, another zombie apocalypse show. Thatís a lot of zombie airtime, but is it too much? Will you be tuning in each one, or none of the above?

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Top Answers
IZombie sounds interesting, but there are definitely to many zombie things going on at the moment. I think like Twlight got everyone on a Vampire high, Walking Dead got everyone into Zombies. Vampires are phasing out, Zombies are the in thing, but people are going to get bored with it soon, and something else will replace it.
I actually thought superheroes were going to phase zombies out but apparently we're going to get loads of both.
Yes, I think there are going to be a tad too many zombies on TV, however, I do like how there are so many different takes on the zombie theme, like iZombie and I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse. It's neat but may be too much all at once.
The question is:
Why are there so many of these shows.
That is more interesting...there is an answer,you just have to do the
One would be too many as far as I'm concerned.
I am not in the slightest interested in Zombie shows so as far as I am concerned, having one is probably one too many.

I like sci fi OFTEN, not always, but I find these are just stupid.

OK, admittedly I think I have only ever watch part of one, but found it stupid so didnt even finish watching and have not watched one since then.
by Finy
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