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Are children's programmes too safe?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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I recently read an article that was questioning whether regulations about children's programmes are too strict nowadays. Many shows end up getting lots of scenes cut or censored because the broadcasters think they are 'too dangerous' for children.

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Lauren Child, author of Lola and Charlie talked about the issues she had. In her books, Lola eats biscuits and crisps, but that is not allowed in the cartoon; an episode proposal in which Lola gets head lice was rejected, and a scene from a book, where Lola did a forward roll was only allowed to be shown on TV if she had a mattress to do it on.

Gone are the days, where you can have cat and mice hitting each other over the head with a frying pan. Do you think children's TV is too safe?

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It seems especially silly that they rejected the headlice one. It'd be a good opportunity to show kids that lice actually aren't that big a deal and that getting them doesn't mean you are dirty or a bad person. My kids were watching some cartoon (Arthur I think) recently which had a plot involving headlice.

Sorry, I wandered off the topic there. Those rules do sound a bit over the top.
Agreed!! You are totally right what a great learning opportunity it would have been.
While I think there needs to be some regulations, broadcasters go way too far in what they sensor. Things that were perfectly acceptable a few decades ago, are no longer allowed, even though they didn't do any harm. Wrapping kids up in cotton wool is no good. All you need to do is teach kids the difference between cartoons and reality.

I do agree with the bit about the fruit and veg over crisps though.
Wow, never really thought about what is safe in this context. I agree with Jennifer that headlice would actually make for a good children's cartoon topic as they have this issue in their school all the time, and knowing about it is great. I wonder if there are guidelines for the TV program makers that they need to follow.
It is often far to regulated. I think having those foods and just saying she had them now and then is ok.

I think it's necessary when it is a safety issue though like with the forward roll. If children attempted this without first being taught how they could seriously injure themselves or others.

That being said they still need to be shown common life experiences and illnesses such as headlice, getting a cold etc. I don't see any problems with that.

I think Charile and Lola is a gorgeous show. Although Charlie would have to be the sweetest big brother in the whole world!
I definitely think there should be regulations but I don't think banning real life situations like head lice and rolling without protection should be cut from TV.
I know that my child climbs and rolls without any mattresses and his perfectly fine.
I think we should air issues that children face at school like head lice, bullying and friendships because it does teach children what to do.
But the answer overall is yes I think children's TV is too safe.
Yes they do seem to be too safe. We recently borrowed Tom and Jerry from the library and it hasn't caused my kids to mindlessly bat each other over the head. Children's TV used to be about entertainment, but it's shifting to a more educational bent these days and while I'm not adverse to education in TV, it does lose its entertainment factor.
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