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A Place to Call Home axed - is this a big mistake?

by Sandy Ludinski (follow)
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UPDATE Want to help save A Place to Call Home? Check out the petition information here.

Apparently A Place to Call Home has been axed in a series of cut backs by Channel 7. Planning for the third season has reportedly ceased.

Do you think they've made a big mistake, axing such a popular series?

A Place to Call Home

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Top Answers
According to an article in Brisbane's Sunday Mail on June 29th, the problem is that the larger part of he audience is in an older demographic which Chanel 7 sees as no good from an advertising point of view. They think that the younger generation need to be targeted to make money from advertising. So, it's not about the quality of the series at all. As usual it's about the $$$$$$$ !! Disgusting and really disappointed in Chanel 7! Should those of us over the age of 55 just throw our televisions out the window?
Bad Bad mistake, without a doubt. We are starved of good quality shows such as this. I suppose it would be too much to hope for, a cut back in some of the sport, or inane quiz shows.
Couldn't agree more!
If they have to cut back they have to cut back. If it was bringing in enough money for them for it to more profitable to keep it, then I'm sure they wouldn't have cancelled it, and looked to chop something else.
Axed???? Oh no!! I didn't know that & it's one of the few series I watch. If they are going to axe it, I hope they tie up all the storylines by the last episode. If Sarah & George get married & live happily ever after, that will keep me satisfied for the end of the series.
Yep, that'd do me too bit I wish it wasn't ending!
Oh no, what a shame! I never saw the show when it aired but watched re runs of the first season over summer. I really enjoyed it, though I'm a sucker for period dramas!
Me too, such a shame
This is one of the best shows on TV and certainly on. 7 most of their shows are rubbish
Channel. 7 need to look at their programming. If it wasn't rating it was following
Sunday maybe that is why
I find Channel 7 very good at "ruining" a programme's popularity by its haphazard programming & scheduling. Quite often I've got hooked on a series, then all of a sudden they stop it for no reason. Then they bring it back but on a different day. Then they will transfer it to Channel 72 & by the time you find all this out, you've missed so many episodes that you lose interest. Prime example - Once Upon A Time. I enjoyed this show but I ended up missing so many episodes that I lost track of the storyline & gave up.
My heart is broken, this was the best Australian show ever.
Big Mistake
"A place to call home" is an amazing show! Well directed with a super cast! Am utterly 💔 that it is ending! Not happy Jan❗️As Pauline says "Please explain?"

Very disappointing - one of the very few programmes I do watch on Channel 7. Another good Aussie show down the gurgler!

typical of channel 7!

Such a shame as I think it's a fantastic show ! Such a good cast - devastating !
Please rethink Channel 7 !
I'm disappointed to hear A place to Call home may be axed .We need an historical drama such as this to keep curouristy alive for the young ones to research our past . The quality of the actors & actresses are very pleasing .I'm what you would call "Mrs Average" I do hope my opinion matters.
Thank you Sandra
BIG MISTAKE!! This is such a great show. At least give us a final season with a proper conclusion! I have sent the DVD to my daughter and friends in England and they look forward to the second series. Please oh please reconsider and give us a good concluding season 3. Such a shame! A great cast! The same thing happened to Neighbours. And it wad picked up by another channel and the rest is history.
What a shame.....it's a gret show. I looked forward to watching it on Sunday nights.
Definately a mistake one of the best Australian shows ever.
big mistake for your ratings!!!!
A great Austrailain period drama that is probably being replaced by some American rubbish. It has been fantastic acting, good story and a peek into what is our heritage. What a pity.
Agree whole-hearted ly! How can they be so stupid?!
A great pity; the only show I watched on Channel 7! No doubt being replaced by yet another reality show. Back to the ABC for me.

I couldn't have put it better - it's a tough call for me to watch channel 7 anyway, but watch I did, despite ads. Am sick to death of the sport, cooking and other inane programmes they serve up to us. !!
by pands
I rarely watch programmes on commercial stations however "A Place To Call Home" was a "must see". Very few TV series worldwide compared with the quality of this one and it is a grave mistake to discontinue it. Please change your mind.
yes i think it's a big mistake considering you leave that useless crappy home and away show still on, to me that show is wasted space on your channel, i would rather watch an hour of stupid adds, perhaps you might want to consider what people want instead of what you want to put to air,,,,,,,,,,,,big mistake
Nicely said!
This was a show of quality and class. The characters were realistic and the issues it dealt with, gave insight of the time period. I cannot understand Channel 7's decision here. many of my friends, family and work colleagues enjoyed it also. Please reconsider Channel 7.
by ali
Please don't say this is true! We love that show. To axe a wonderful Australian series with such a great cast is a joke, so much for channel 7 wanting to support local productions. I suppose we will have to watch more American rubbish.
I'm afraid so! Hard to believe, isn't it!
I agree with Sandy and Charli. A place to call home was so well acted and just getting really meaty, in the story line. Should let the ABC have it.

Great idea, if only they would
pick it up and run with it!
Yes, this was a massive mistake on Seven's part, and they've definitely lost the good will of the public as a result of their mistake.
I loved this quality Aus drama that taught us some history along the way. Shame Channel Seven. I'm 49 and my 15 year old loved it too and I have a lot of disposable income...

My 19 year old daughter loved it too and she's 20. Not just a show for us oldies!
There'd be plenty of " our generation" with disposable income - they've got it so wrong!
Very big mistake. They hardly advertised season 2 and kept putting the time back to allow house rules tongi as long as it wanted. My family and i all watched it and our ages ranged between 33 and 66.

There is so much rubbish on and so few good shows like A Place to Call Home
Our family enjoyed it too - ages 20 to 59!
Our family enjoyed it too - ages 20 to 58!
My oath its a mistake !!
And I agree with the comment of how it wrecks other programmes.
I also use to watch Once Upon a Time and it was relegated to some obscure time and channel without fanfare so it was difficult to follow.
A Place to Call Home had top Australian actors and a fantastic true to the period story line.
It dealt with issues that many could relate to, both old and young.
It was one of the few programmes that my football mad husband watched with me.
What they did was an insult to seasoned Australian actors and Australian drama in general.

Huge mistake - one of the best things on the box this year, widely watched and awaiting season three - good actors, intriguing storylines, looks beautiful, Australian cast and settings, hands off!!!!!!!
Foolish Channel 7,
your scheduling is what caused the problem, going up against your own and opposition short term programs like X Factor, House Rules, Voice Kids, etc etc what do you expect. Schedule when they finish as they are only short term. Bring it back and continue to support the best show ever , Australian at that, where is your heart and passion for our country?

No, there is not enough quality Australian produced shows now keep it alive
Yes it is a humungous mistake. Now Elizabeth Bligh has been listed in the Top 10 TV characters - 7's only entry and they tossed it into the tip. Why? When an average of 1M viewers watched it, even when it ran 20 minutes late in starting on a Sunday night. Bring it back before it's top quality actors are locked into new contracts with other shows.

by info
This was s great show. Its now on Fox tell. I dont have Fox Tell so I still won't be able to watch it.
I cant understand why BBC2 shows a drama like a place to call home then axed it in the middle so many loose end stupidev
This was one of the few shows I watched on 7. Now I know why. Brilliant actors, gr8 story line, well produced, what more do they want. A lot of young people watched this show, for the acting alone. Not enough Aussie dramas.
Do they realise how many young people do Drama & want to be in this type of show. Congrats to all those involved from the camera crew to actors. Top show
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