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19 Kids and Counting?

by Gia (follow)
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Do you watch 19 Kids and Counting chronicling the journey of the Dugger family?

Dugger clan Source: IMDb

#19 Kids and Counting
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Top Answers

It would drive me nuts.
No, and I also have an aversion to parading your kids around on TV. I think that's bad parenting, myself. Not just them but any reality show that puts kids under 18 on display for the world to mock or see their ugly moments...when you are a teen, there are going to be surly stomping etc, and I don't think that's fair to have that on public record for forever...
Good point, and I would never choose do do this with my family, but I find it all intriguing.
I don't watch it. I can't understand why you would want to put your family on the small screen for everybody to see and scrutinise. But, I can understand if they are doing it for the money; feeding a family of twenty-one can't be easy. I have to wonder how the parents find the time to give each child the attention they need. I come from a family of five children and my parents are stretched thinly.

by Vee
Not this family specifically, but I have seen documentaries called 18 kids and counting that looks at several different families.
Yes, I love this show. I find their family life really interesting! All those kids!
No. Not my cup of tea.
Nope - I'm not a big fan of reality TV/documentaries of this sort.
I love this show. They are such an example of decent family life.
by Gia
How can they afford 19 kids'? What gigantic sort of 'castle' do they live in?
Imagine what her 'insides' must be like, after all those births'.
Is there 'something' wrong with people who feel the 'need' to have this many kids?
IMO, this situation is totally beyond the pale.
Don't watch shows like that; find them a tad 'grotesque', in every way.
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